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Opening Hours

Our temporary camping area will be open from August 8 to 13. It is allowed to enter this area by car. Please make sure to keep adequate distance to other tents.

Lanes in case of Emergency

Lanes for ambulance and fire department have to be kept free.
Please follow the instructions of the staff and do not argue.
If you do not respect this rule the organizers are allowed to expel you from the festival.

Radio, TV, Soundsystems

Please make sure to not disturb other guests with TV or Radio noise.
It is not allowed to install professional sound equipment on the whole festival area. If you do not respect this rule, the organizers are allowed to confiscate your soundsystem. 

Camping Area: Barbecuing, Fire, Waste, Water

Barbecueing is allowed, if done under control. Open fire is prohibited.
Keep your camping slot clean and use the bins for your waste.
No digging of ditches and holes.
Water is precious, please save it. There will be potable water for all guests at the washrooms.


It is not allowed to bring pets.

Cars and Parking 

Maximum speed for cars is 5 km/h.The organizers are not responsible for damages at your car.It is not allowed to wash your car, to make an oil change or to repair your car.

The staff issues the parking spots, so please follow their instructions to guarantee a harmonious parking experience. In order to make our parking system work, places saved for friends in the area sorrounding your car will be disregarded. Please drive slowly and keep a lane open for rescue cars – you might need their help. Leave aggressions at home and don’t argue – it only complicates things! Be relaxed and have fun!


You will use all facilities at your own risk. The organizers are not responsible for damages, losses and thievery of the property of the guest.

The organizers and his staff have got the right to refuse entrance to people that may cause insecurity for the festival and his guests.

SMS.Campsite Regulations

If you want to know how big your tent, if you take Fiffi with you to the campsite, how loud your sound system and heavy your car may be, then read the camping rules. And then do not say: "I did not know that!"


The organizer or the site staff are entitled to refuse to accept people or to expel them from the site if this appears necessary to maintain safety and order on the festival tent site and in the interests of the camping guests.
The staff of the festival organizer and its security staff must always be obeyed without objection. The withdrawal of the camping and parking permit is equivalent to a house ban and no longer entitles you to enter the event.
    1. The temporary campsite/car park is open from August 9th morning to August 13th evening. During this time, the campsite/parking lot may be accessed by motor vehicles, mobile homes and trailers up to 4.6 t. Payment of the parking and camping fee at the toll entitles you to drive on the temporary areas.
    2. The use of all facilities, paths, streets, areas and buildings of the campsite/car park is at your own risk.
    3. The organizer accepts no liability for damage, dirt, accidents, theft and loss of property belonging to site visitors.
    4. It is forbidden to remove or move the barrier tape and its holding systems. The safety distance to the tents that have already been set up must be observed.
    5. The maximum camping area with one vehicle and tent per person must not exceed 16 square meters. Reservations are not possible and we will not tolerate free seats for friends.
    6. All escape routes must be kept clear for the fire brigade, the Red Cross or the emergency doctor. A distance of 2 m to the roadway must be maintained.
    7. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. Fee €200
    8. All vehicles may only drive on the square at walking pace (5 km/h). Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed to enter the site.
    9. Car washes, oil changes and repairs are strictly prohibited on the campsite/parking lot.
    10. There are no permits for the use of music systems and aggregates on the camping and parking area. It must be ensured that residents and other guests in the area are not disturbed.
    11. The use of music systems of any kind is prohibited in the "SUPERLEISE" camping area in Pöritzsch. Noise emissions above 50 dB should be completely avoided.
    12. Grilling and roasting is permitted under the supervision of the fireplace. Gas cookers should be avoided. The security area at the edge of the forest must be observed and may not be parked or crossed.
    13. Campfires and open fires of any kind are not permitted. Pressurized gas containers such as propane or CO2 bottles are prohibited, as is the use of dry ice.
    14. It is strictly forbidden to set off fireworks and pyrotechnics in the camping and parking area. The burning of rubbish will be reported and prosecuted.
    15. In the interests of all visitors, any dangerous situations that arise, e.g. due to fire, must be reported immediately.
    16. It is strictly forbidden to bring, use or destroy glass bottles and glass containers anywhere in the camping and parking area.
    17. Your own camping site is to be kept clean. Rubbish is to be collected in bags and disposed of in the rubbish containers/garbage stations provided. Leaving or dumping of rubbish is strictly prohibited.
    18. Damaging or changing the flora and fauna, e.g. by digging ditches, digging holes or destroying plants is strictly prohibited.
    19. Dogs and pets of any kind are generally not permitted.
    20. Pollution of the lake with rubbish, refuse, oils, toiletries and faeces is strictly prohibited.
    21. Free drinking water is available to all festival participants at the sanitary facilities/shower islands. Water is a precious commodity, please use it sparingly!
    22. The most important thing at the end! We do not tolerate right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists or other radical and discriminatory views of life in our SMS universe. If you don't stick to it, you go home! Respect LGBTQ!



    SMS.Save Your Beach

    Save Your Beach - Glas ban at SMS.Festival

    Many of you are thrilled every year by the great location of the SMS. And so you can certainly understand that the protection of our festival site is a constant concern. Thus, from this year, there will be a strict glass ban both on the festival grounds and on the campground.

    On the one hand, we are forced to comply with this step, on the other hand, we support this measure, since the elimination of glass breakage is always a difficult task and most of all injuries are cuts by broken glass.

    Please adhere to this new but required rule, which also applies to nutella, sour cucumbers or gooseberries. There will definitely be checks at the entrance, as well as at the campsite.

    As an alternative to glass bottles, drinks can be transferred to appropriate plastic bottles.

    FAQ – Important Things to Know

    The SMS festival area is a sensitive landscape that deserves protection. Please respect the nature and keep the following points in mind: 

    How much do I have to pay for camping?

    Nothing. Camping is included in the ticket price

    Which camping field is the loudest and which one is quiet?

    To give respect to all of our festival-goers, we separated our camping fields into a loud and a quiet part. On the loud camping field you can party all around the clock, while on the quiet one you can enjoy almost spiritual silence. Thus, we kindly ask you to respect this separation

    What are the opening hours of the camping fields?

    Our camping fields open on Wednesday morning and close on Monday morning. During this period the camping ground will stay open all the time

    Can I park my car alongside the tent?

    You can bring your car onto the camping fields. Please note that the louder one (A) usually fills up pretty fast.

    Can I get connections to water and electricity for my camper?

    No, sorry. The fields are only used for camping during our festival. Therefore there are no camping facilities like water and electricity connection. 


    Due to danger of injury it is not allowed to bring glas bottles, tins, gallons and plastic bottles to the festival site (this is not essential for the camping site). Our security staff will check bags.

    Medical Aid

    You will get medical help at the first aid service next to the main entrance.

    Lost and Found Infopoint

    Got any questions? Get the answer at the Merchandising and Info Point. And if You did lose or found something? Bring it or get it at the Merchandising.

    By entering the festival you agree that photos and videos taken at the event can be used for promotional purposes.


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