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Have you already booked credit, shower flat rate, etc.? The SMS.XXV 2023 is also completely cashless with the wristband (except for the parking toll, which is collected at the entrance). You can book everything in advance in our shop and it will end up directly on your festival wristband.

You got any Questions?

SMS.Parental Consent

If you are under age you will have to bring a parental consent. Please print this document and let your parents fill it out:


SMS goes Cashless

Our festival is cashless - that means, you pay all drinks and food, the merchandise, your purchases at the stands or the showerworld everywhere and without exception with the festival ribbon. The only exception to this is the parking fee, which is charged at the entrance to the festival area.

Why the whole?

It offers many advantages

- Fast payment shortens the waiting times
- Losing cash is history
- There is no need to carry a wallet anymore
- Without cash eliminates the annoying recount of change

High transparency: All your transactions are traceable. The sales staff can show you the debited amounts and the remaining balance on your ribbon immediately after a transaction.

Charges of the credit on the ribbon are possible everywhere, even before the festival in the online shop.

What happens to my data on the chip?

Your chip at the festival band is used exclusively for payment at the festival. It will not store any data about you or collect or evaluate any movement data.

How does it work?

At our ribbon exchange stations, on presentation of your ticket you will receive your festival ribbon in which the chip for cashless payment is integrated.

If you have already charged your balance via the online shop before the festival, it will automatically land on the ribbon. That's why it's important that you really go with your own ticket to the ribbon exchange!
If you have not yet charged any credit, the next step will take you to a charging station (top-up station).

There you can in cash and with all major cards (EC, or credit card), load your credit in a few steps on the ribbon: You choose the amount, pay him with card or cash and hold your ribbon to the appropriate contact point. It is advisable to recharge not too small amounts, rather one or two times higher amounts and then pay off the remaining balance after the festival free of charge.

What's next?

With your ribbon you can now pay for everything you need during the festival's everyday life. And not only in the festival area, but also on the campsite, which means that you also pay for using the Showerworld, for example, or your shopping at the many stands & bars.

If you are no longer sure how much credit you have on your ribbon, you can have it checked at all points of sale and top-up stations.

What should I do if my ribbon does not work or I lose it?

That does not happen, but if it does, then you should get on the way to our support staff. You can get help from the info point. Where these points are exactly, you can see on our maps.

How does that work with the remaining balance after the festival?

Remaining credit can be transferred to your account free of charge a few days AFTER the festival. You will just need your personal number on the cashless-chip on your festival-wristband and a bank account. Your remaining balance will be credited to your account within a few days. Balances of under 2,01 € cannot not be refunded. The e-mail address for questions about refund is:






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